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Andreu World New Design

2021 New Design


In this issue, the new designs go one step further in sustainability. That’s why we
have started to measure our organization’s carbon footprint and have included new
processed wood products, which display our know-how and our aim to industrialize
craftsmanship in order to inspire interior designers and architects around the world.


Wood is the most sustainable material that exists and we now know that it is also
the healthiest due to its easy ability to be disinfected and its positive influence on
our state of mind. We recognize its nobility and praise its warmth. Our civilization has
been using wood since the beginning, and the industrial culture of woodworking
has been passed down from one generation to the next through master cabinetmakers
and companies like ours that continue to work to ensure this craftsmanship lasts.


Sustainability and quality are also synonymous with durability. Good design has a long
life. Creating design that lasts, that stands the test of time to the point of being timeless,
is our raison d’être. That’s why we strive to make our collections contemporary classics.

For this reason we collaborate with the best designers and in this edition we have
added two great masters of design: Philippe Starck and Rodolfo Dordoni. We know that
designers are even better when they can work with good craftspeople, cabinetmakers
and upholsterers, that’s why we put the most expert hands at their disposal.


Our dream target is to achieve a carbon neutral footprint and a circular economy
in our catalog by 2025. This is our collective challenge. The catalog of new products
we are presenting takes a step in this exciting and promising direction.


Andreu World


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